An exclusive wedding in Croatia
Свадьба в Хорватии

An exclusive wedding in Croatia

Location: the island of Levan, Liznjan
Object: bar restaurant "Sand and dreams"
Description: a sandy beach, tables right next to the sea, the first dance in candlelight, just two of you, the beloved ones covered with the sea breath... this is what your wedding celebration at the Levan island looks like.
You’ll remember this wedding forever, a feast at a magic island near Pula, with a boat trip which can be made part of the wedding ceremony.
In addition to weddings, we offer cocktail, hen and stag parties organization , or symbolic wedding ceremonies.
An outdoor restaurant on the Island makes it possible to arrange refreshments for your guests just on the spot.
Note: weddings on the Island of Levan can be held in March (from the 15th), April, May, September (from the 15th) and in October.
Reservation of the Island should be made at least 4 months prior the expected date of the celebration. Prepayment for a wedding held on the island is 50% of the feast budget and should be paid no later than 3 months before the event.


Location: Dalmatian islands
Objects: Yacht Perla, Kadena, Queen of the Adriatic, Malena, Morning Star and Linda
Description: we’d like to offer you something really new and special. Something unknown, breathtaking, the most impressive event you can imagine, an unforgettable adventure, the most beautiful experience in your life. A wedding in a seven-day voyage on board of a gorgeous yacht, which can hardly be compared to any other over the Adriatic. Six handmade beauties are the best ones ever created by a man fallen in love with the sea.
Wedding on the board of a yacht is not only an incredibly beautiful ceremony, it’s also a great opportunity to see the most of Dalmatian coast, such as Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Sibenik, the islands of Hvar, Solta, Brac.
You and your guests won’t be bored during the trip as every morning you get a possibility to wake in a new place and live an absolutely new day filled with events and adventures, enjoying your favorite cocktail in a lounge chair on the deck, scuba diving, studying sea fishing art or weaving knots, searching uninhabited islands with kayaks or overlooking the azure expanse of the Adriatic filled with blissed-out hippies.
You choose a route and adventure and we are here for you to implement any of your plans.
Besides it should be mentioned that the price of this unique offer is very attractive a seven-day cruise with a wedding ceremony on a yacht and a week tour is approximately the same in price to a wedding on the coast! Though it’s great difference if we speak of the value of impressions you’ll get from this unforgettable voyage! Our traditional gulet yachts are waiting for you!
Note: yachts can accommodate from 10 to 15 guests. Wedding cruise on yacht UrbanSailor prepayment is 100%, and should be paid at least 3 months before the date of the celebration.


Location: Pula, Istria
Object: The Colosseum (Arena)
Description: Arena in Pula is a magnificent construction built in the 1st century AD, it is almost a replica of the Roman Colosseum and one of the 6 largest Arenas in the Roman Coliseum domains.
Croatian Wedding Company has the exclusive right to host festive events at the Coliseum Pula, including symbolic and formal wedding ceremonies, receptions and gala dinners.
Gorgeous architecture of an ancient Colosseum, its vaulted arches opening breathtaking views on the Brijuni archipelago, incredible power of the energy all these leaving an indelible impression on every visitor. Coliseum can be yours on your wedding day!

Location: Vinkuran, Istria
Object: Vinkuran stone quarry
Description: formerly an abandoned stone quarry in the town of Vinkuran near Pula was brought back to life in 2014, and science then has been transformed into a unique venue for concerts, performances, cabaret performances and festive events.
Inimitable acoustic and lighting effects you notice when visiting quarries, make this place different from all the other sites. In August 2014 there was held a Vinkuran quarry opera concert with a dinner for 200 people, and it became one of the most memorable cultural events in Istria of the year.‏

Location: Belay, Istria Castle Belay
Object description: The castle was built in the 16th century. Many elements of interior and exterior decoration of the castle were fully preserved, St.Henrik’s chapel in the castle has been completely renovated
The Belay castle is situated on a high hill overlooking the vineyards and Istrian green fields. The owners of the castle are engaged in manufacture of wine, olive oil and brandy. There are a distillery and a winery in two adjacent premises owned by the castle. And we offer wine presentation and degustation, and olive oil tasting in the castle.
The unique location of the castle, medieval centuries spirit preserved in these old walls, as well as photo sessions scenic spots make the Belay Castle a great venue for a wedding ceremony and a celebratory dinner.

Location: AgroFarm "Olive Mountain", Trget, Istria
Object: AgroFarm "Olive Mountain"
Object description: Once getting here you realize it's a very special place, completely unique. A sloping hill with more than 500 young olive trees and citrus, air rich with fragrance of wild flowers and herbs, smell of juniper, southern pine resin and absolute peace of nature. The Farm is surrounded with majestic green mountains and located close to the sea. You’ll feel charmed, transferred to your children dreams.
Privacy of the place, and great space of the Farm makes it possible to arrange events and particularly weddings both chamber ones for 10-20 guests or significant events up to 300 guests. This place is as if created for nature lovers and eco-tourism, here you can feel Croatia right in your heart and taste Istria with all your senses. Besides the local area is known for its absolutely original sorts of cheese, as in 5 km in the Valley the riva Rasha falls into the sea and that's why local sheep, cows and goats have very special taste of meat and milk. Here you can also taste homemade olive oil and vine (malvazija) and honey.
Right at the Farm we'll show you some ancient remains and you are free to look for fossils of some prehistoric animals which can be an exciting part of your fest. Night at the Farm is a very special time, it seems that the stars fall down into your palm. Make a wish, and your dream will come true!

Location: Momjan, Istria
Object: Kozlovich wine house
Object description: currently we see increasing interest towards wine, and everything somehow connected with it. We would like to offer you to pay particular attention to an opportunity to visit a unique place. One of the most beautiful wine houses in the world - Kozlovich wine house.
It is a wonderful place in the town Momjan hidden in the fertile Istrian hills. Wine house consists of a wine cellar, degustation room and enoteca, but still it’s mostly attractive thanks to its sunny terraces providing views at endless symmetrical rows of Kozlovich vineyards and old fortress in Momjane, making the space at the same time fascinating and mysterious.
The wine you’ll taste in the degustation room will impress even a most demanding fan of this immortal drink, as Kozlovich wine is known and appreciated all over the world for its high quality and finest flavor.

Location: Bale, Istria
Object: a nature park Histria Aromatica
Object description: We are happy to present a new fantastic place for a wedding in Croatia, park Histria Aromatica! It is incredible in its beauty as a miracle created by human hands in perfect harmony with nature. The Park is located on a hill near the village of Bale, with a view on the old town of Rovinj and surrounding islands. There are growing more than 50 varieties of herbs, together with olives and vineyards. Already at the entrance to the park you will be captured with wonderful fragrance. A modern restaurant with a spacious sunny terrace is happy to welcome new guests and serve the best Istrian delicacies for them.

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