Wedding in Croatia: prices
Свадьба в Хорватии

Wedding in Croatia: prices

Wedding in Croatia: PRICES

Our job is to organise your wedding from the moment "we want it!” until your safe return home in the status of husband and wife. This includes full information and support during the period of preparation and holding of your celebration , as well as the duration of your stay in Croatia.

On our website you will find links to our partners websites . These are the best restaurants, villas, castles , islands and hotels. Thus , you can choose the venue of your holiday independently, and send us an inquiry about your wishes.

All wedding spots, presented on our site, are tested by us, and, of course, they are perfect wedding destinations in every way. Using our services you can be sure that your celebration will be held according to your wishes. So what are the prices for a wedding in Croatia? Cost is formed on the basis of the following points :
  •   Guest accommodation. First of all, you have to decide for yourself the key question: Do you pay for your guests trip to Croatia and (or) accomadation, or just invite them to share with you your important day . Believe me, each of these options is ethical and has its advantages.
  •  Time of the wedding. Depending on the seasonal pricing for accommodation services in the hotel, the price of accommodation in winter and summer months may vary considerably, as well as ticket prices.
  •  Wedding menu. The cost of the wedding menu depends on the level of the restaurant , in fact, make up the menu (fresh seafood , etc.) and the number of dishes on the menu. In Croatia you can easily find the perfect restaurant to suit your taste.
  •  Photographer. A good saying echoes: your wedding can be terrible, but if you had a good photographer, nobody will remember it!
  •  Florist. Here it is appropriate to save money, and do the minimum, the natural environment full of natural beauties is more than enough to create everlasting and spectacular memories . In addition, most often during weddings in hotels, wedding floristry is included in the price.
  •  Wedding venue. An away official ceremony will cost more than a symbolic wedding or official ceremony at the Town Hall.
  •  Wedding planner. Our assistance in preparing your holiday will help you save time, nerves and money that you will agree is very important nowadays.

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