Wedding tips
Свадьба в Хорватии

Wedding tips

It’s good to know

For the official marriage in Croatia, you will need to pay the following fees: approximately 400 kuna (1 Euro ~ 7.5 kunas) charges local registry office, 500 kuna - court interpreter services at the ceremony (it is an obligation).

In addition, the translation of the necessary documents from Croatian language goes from 50 to 150 Euros, depending on the number (in each individual situation). Registration itself is free if it is held in the town hall (City Wedding Palace), and if the official ceremony is held outdoor, and costs 2,500 kuna. All these payments are official.

In this case, for receiving all documents you will need to fly to Zagreb, the capital of the country. This increases the cost of the ceremony for about 1000 Euros.

Symbolic ceremony is held by the captain, on maritime law he has the right to marry couples. In this case, you pay only for renting of location for the ceremony, if desired, it may be humble or luxurious, and the price varies from 150 to 1000 euro (without flowers). Optionally, you can order additional catering services (canapés, drinks in place of the ceremony).

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